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Life Throws Curve-balls, hit Home Runs! Positively Adapt for a Happier Life!

Posted on:September 23, 2016 at 12:00 AM (2 min read)

Like many people, I have an idea of directions for my life take (getting married, completing a mudder challenge, dream car, and other ideas).

I believe everyone has the power to do what they want in their life, it just takes determination and hard work to get there once you decide. Having a 1, 3, or 5-year plan gets your journey started on the right road, but the journey never takes you exactly through the route you plan (this is why plans “are subject to change”).

This makes the journey an experience full of lessons learned from mistakes. For me, I like to compare these to when life throws curve-balls. Why? They might make you swing and miss, but if you have patience and the right mindset you can still hit them out of the park! People in my life have set the example for never giving up, staying positive, and having character.

Because of that, I wanted to share that no matter when life throws curveballs your way that tempts you to begin falling. YOU CAN CATCH YOURSELF AND STAND BACK UP! A minor setback means a greater comeback!!

Whether it’s a divorce, car accidents, health challenges, break ups, or other curveballs, its up to you: STEP UP to the plate, WAIT FOR your pitch, and SWING FOR the fences!!

Has life ever thrown a curveball your way? Comment below how you adapted, stepped up to the plate, and hit your home run!

One Love,

Kaleb McKelvey