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Kaleb’s Thanksgiving Hackathon Part 1

Posted on:November 25, 2016 at 12:00 AM (3 min read)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone enjoyed this gratitude-filled day, gave many thanks for all of their blessings, and are sitting on their couch with a full belly. I had a blast attending a Friendsgiving here in Wisconsin and yes, my belly is full!!

As I’m still here over the break and being off of work, I decided to host a hackathon for myself over the next two days. I plan to reward myself with an Amazon Fire Stick (so I can finally watch Avatar Aang on my TV) if I successfully make a prototype.

Overall this is a very random blog post as a commitment to myself. This will help to hold me accountable over the next 2.5 days.

What is Kaleb’s Thanksgiving Hackathon?

A hackathon is a dedicated time (usually weekend) where you develop a prototype app to an idea, then present it for prizes and/or funding depending on the type of hackathon.

Seeing as I set a goal to develop an App this year and being that I traveled a bit more than expected, I’m behind schedule. This is my attempt to get back on track while learning along the way.

When is Kaleb’s Thanksgiving Hackathon?

Starting tomorrow November 25th at noon, I will begin to design and develop my prototype. I will give myself 2 full days, meaning on Sunday at Noon, I will be posting a part 2 to this blog with progress, pictures, and results.

Throughout these two days, I will not sleep much, learn fast, and grub on my some favorite snacks. It is my excuse and way to stay busy while learning new skills over the break.

How did I prepare for a Thanksgiving Hackathon?

Preparation is key when dedicating yourself for two days straight like this, so here are three things I did: First, I decided on what to build and what tech stack I will be using:

Final thoughts:


Looking forward to showing you what happens in 2.5 days!!! Please leave any questions or comments below.

One Love,

Kaleb McKelvey