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Is the Inheritance Cycle Relevant to the 2016 New Year?

Posted on:January 5, 2016 at 12:00 AM (4 min read)

We are off and running into 2016 and with that comes a quick moment of reflection.

Overall the year has been one of change for me. I moved to a new city in the Midwest to start at a new job, then started grad school to learn more in my profession. I created this site and knocked a few items off my bucket list. I vacationed in Florida to see my family before winter hit. I bonded with both new and old friendships.

Lastly, and most importantly, I grew. I grew in many new ways from experiences, advice, and mentorship.

It is with so much appreciation that I say thank you to everyone who gave their time to help me grow and also to listen to me vent.

Growing in the direction of your success journey makes you that much closer to reaching it in 2016. 2015 went by in a flash, how did your year turn out? Did you grow? Did you achieve your resolutions or goals? Feel free to comment below with your reflections!

Inheritance Cycle Background

Over my week off from work, I started to re-read the Inheritance Cycle (spoiler alert).

What in the world is the Inheritance Cycle?

It is a fantasy series of 4 books (2700+ pages) about the main character’s journey from farm boy to world-saving dragon rider (yup I’m a nerd). Why is this relevant to 2016 and the New Year? Eragon begins his story by a mysterious rock appearing near him on one of his hunting trips. He takes it home to sell for stocking up on food for the winter. From there the rock hatches and a dragon is born, Eragon goes from farmer to Dragon Rider. The first one in over a century to give the world hope to overthrow the evil king.

I believe we all have evil in our life that we want to overthrow.

For some of us, its cookies. For others it is brownies. Some of us want to get in that gym or read more, learn a new skill, post to their blog more, or give ourselves time to disconnect.

We all have a change we want to make, and although I don’t believe in waiting to the new year to make it, why not decide to find your dragon egg and change your destiny today (cheesy I know).

Being a dragon rider in the book is so well respected is, because once connected, Eragon is no longer on his journey alone. Once a dragon hatches for their selected rider, they are bonded mentally for life. They can hear each other’s thoughts. This year take time to connect with people in your life. Call to see how they are going (yes call not text!!). Facing a difficult decision? Talk to someone about it. Get advice. Listen and understand people. Connect with your friends. None of us is alone in the world, work together, make a difference, and ACHIEVE!

Relation to your resolutions

This year you and your resolutions (or goals) are going to go to war. You vs them. A war, just like in the 4 books, means you have many battles to obtain victory.

Eragon and Saphira lose in one of their battles but end up winning the war.

They chose to regroup, learn more, and got back out there to fight!

Eragon was an underdog, he didn’t know how he could win - no one did. He kept his head high, gathered his courage, supported and gave his support to Saphira, then went on to overthrow the king and save the world.

The take away here is to never give up and believe in yourself. Let others believe in you too.

Did you miss a week at the gym? We all have. We live in a fast world. Get back in there, keep battling, keep learning, and go win the war! I encourage you to take time ASAP to brainstorm on which wars you will be fighting this year, and read the Inheritance Cycle!

Happy New Years all and thank you for bearing with my nerdiness!

Kaleb McKelvey