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How Can You Pass the Predix Certified Developer Exam?

Posted on:February 8, 2017 at 12:00 AM (5 min read)

Today is my third day of being an official Sr Software developer at GE Healthcare with a primary focus on Predix development.

As I grow my knowledge of the platform and modern web development, I hope to help others as well by posting our team’s adventures going forward. Here’s my guide to pass the Predix Certified Developer Exam.

Let’s begin with the first question.

What is Predix?

Predix is GE’s cloud platform for the Industrial Internet of Things. I’ll let the official page take it away for more details.

Should I become a Predix Certified Developer?

I’m not sure, should you take the last doughnut? Of course you should!

If you’re planning to work on the Predix platform, then becoming certified gives you the understanding you need to make impact for your company. Earn your badge of honor by enrolling in the exam or training asap!

What is the Predix Certified Developer Exam?

The Predix Certification Exam is a comprehensive 120-question online assessment to assess your proficiency with the Predix platform. You have up to two hours to complete the exam and and receive results within 72 hours (I received mine in 5).

The exam covers the following topics:

Below are the steps I recommend for preparing to take the exam and passing on attempt numero uno.

How can I Prepare for the Predix Certified Developer Exam?

For all steps below, feel free to skip any topics you already understand. I’m a firm believer in not wasting time for the sake of completing a video.

Step 1: Sign up for Predix Training

Sign up for training at

Two options:

Two Predix training courses, in person and online with prices.

The $3,000 course is in person. I recommend this option for training as it helps to really escape from distractions, allowing your focus to truly get your money’s worth. It also helps with solving any environment set up challenges quickly.

Both courses are great options to learn from experts of the Predix platform.

Step 2: Sign up for the exam

  1. Sign up at:
  2. Enroll in the exam card like below

Predix exam tile, white with blue text: Predix Certified Developer Exam

After enrolling, you will receive an access code to register at

  1. Once registered, you are able to schedule your exam on a date you that works for you.

There are two reasons I believe signing up for the exam before beginning your studies is the way to go:

  1. Time boxing yourself leads to better productivity and dedication of your time to study, sound familiar to agile? No procrastination allowed :).
  2. It gives you plenty of time to work through challenges. Post your questions on the community forums to get some help, then return the favor later.

Step 3: Read the documentation + take notes

All Predix Certified Developer Exam answers can be found within the documentation. In other words….to prepare for the exam please read the documentation!

I found that taking notes in a notebook forced me to summarize, which really helped me to fully comprehend the concepts for the exam.

If you complete the training and plan to take on the guides, it may not be helpful to read the how-to use services. You will learn them in training.

It is very helpful to read information that gives more in depth details of each service: for example, size limits or languages accepted for analytics are found in the documentation. Use your own judgement on how to best utilize your time.

Step 4: Completing Predix guides (tutorials)

The Predix team provides tutorials and guides for developers looking to refresh and gain knowledge about the platform here: Predix Guides.

These range from describing the basics, like setting up your environment. To more advanced tutorials, such as using Predix services or connecting a Raspberry Pi to the cloud.

I approached these as ways to drive points home from the documentation read in step 3. It also provided an unforced (easy) way to head back over to the docs when I didn’t fully understand what was going on.

One side note that I didn’t do, but should have is working with the Predix Machine samples: Getting Started with Predix Machine.

After taking a look, I feel this would have really helped me solidify the concepts of the machine SDKs. I read through these, and am working through the samples now.

Step 5: Watch on demand videos and take notes

After navigating back to, click on view full catalog underneath the “Predix Training” section. Here’s a few examples from the time of posting.

a list of training courses on the Predix training site

Step 6: Review Notes

Review your notes and complete the Predix Certification Study Guide.

Step 7: Pass the Predix Certified Developer exam!!

If you have never taken a remote exam before (like me), here are a few tips:

It’s your time to shine!!

Drink your coffee, flip your hat backwards like a true Predix Dev Master , and take the exam! Good luck!

I passed the Predix Certified Developer Exam, now what?

Now celebrate…then maybe head over to the community page and join in on the fun!!

I hope this blog inspired you to dive into the new platform and give some insight on studying for the exam.

If so, please let me know by leaving a comment!