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How Bad Do You Want to Achieve in Your Life?

Posted on:May 17, 2017 at 12:00 AM (5 min read)

Late one-night last week, I realized that some of my friends haven’t watched one of the most inspirational videos on YouTube (above). Eric Thomas, an amazing speaker and motivator, has grew into a well-known name throughout the world. He does paid speeches for executives and football teams. Even more inspiring, is his willingness to visit high schools on his trips around the world to speak for free. His passion and message speak so much to the journey to achieve mindset, that it would be remiss not to share it with you all. Take 15 minutes today and play the video above!

What do you want to achieve?


Eric Thomas and many other self-help professionals always ask you to determine the WHY (or purpose) in your life. Steve Jobs refers to finding what you love in the Stanford Commencement speech in 2005. Warren Buffet believes doing what you love (he says he tap dances to work) produces great work in your life, because Charlie Munger readily admitted that his partner would not have done so well in Ballet as he did in investing.

Your Life

Finding your passion and your purpose is like finding your spouse. It happens over time, it happens organically, and it is felt in your heart. The world offers many opportunities to do anything you want to - it’s up to you “do something” about it!! Have you found your purpose or your love? Do it regularly to keep your happiness gas tank on F.

Some Math

Let’s say that you have found your passion and can work on it for your main income contribution.

Life Expectancy:

According to the Social Security Administration, the average life expectancy for men and women is 84.3 and 86.6 respectively. The average between the two, 85.45.

How many hours do we work in our life-time?

Let’s assume the working age is 22 to 65, 40 hours a week, 46 weeks a year (vacation/holidays/sick days). A total of 79,120 hours in 43 years.

A few other estimates:

If we again assume (uh oh) that people are sleeping 8 hours on average a night, then we can make a few estimates.

How much of our waking hours are spent at work?

(Total hours in 43 years - hours slept in 43 years) / hours worked in 43 years = percent of your waking hours spent working ( 79,120  / (332,304 - 110,768) )* 100  = 35.7 % Do you want to spend 35.7 % of your life working on something you don’t find satisfaction or purpose in? Eric Thomas continually preaches the message to DO what you LOVE by GRINDING to get IT!!! You can do it, but only if you want it as bad as the guy wanted to breathe in the video!!

Do you want to achieve in your life?

There are varying levels of achievement and people choose what they want in their life on an individual basis. If you want to head to work, enjoy our 9-5, then go home to watch TV every night - then do that. If you’re wanting to mentor or blog or sell photography, then do that. It’s up to you to define that purpose and what makes you happy in your life. Find your why - make sacrifices to get your what!! Unsure where to find your why?

Take a look from Joshua Kennon’s blog below: “If you don’t know where to begin, picture yourself in 10 years with the life you want.  Then, reverse engineer the choices it would take to get you there, working your way back to this moment in time.  The choice is power.  Choice is the key that unlocks the doors and tears down the mountains.  Even doing nothing is, by default, making a choice.  Whatever you do and wherever you are, by God, make a choice!  Do not let life just happen.  Do not be carried on the currents of inertia, mindlessly passing time until death.  Choose!

Two Questions for you:

  1. How do you want to be remembered?
  2. If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?

Would you say no often for question #2? Do as Steve Jobs recommends - change something. Are you on the right path to be remembered the way you want? Why not? Change it! Warren Buffet has said in talks to younger generations to form habits now, in your 20s, because once you reach your 80s like him…well your habits are pretty in stone. It would be quite the challenge to change a habit you’ve had for 60 years lol!

Concluding Thoughts

The main objective of the post was to share Eric Thomas’s motivations with you. He has videos come out every Monday, a podcast, and many videos on YouTube. He encourages to live the grind to achieve your lifetime goals. I believe he embodies the ingredients in the achievement recipe of life! Learn, listen, and grow!