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Community Service Day - Making a difference in MKE

Posted on:August 25, 2016 at 12:00 AM (2 min read)

Hello everyone, Welcome to the new site - it’s still a work in progress! I decided to combine ( into one site so I could post in three areas: Journey to Achieve, Predix , and Technology. Enjoy!

Community Service Day:

Last week, we had our Community Service Day. A day for thousands of those working in Milwaukee to go out and make a huge difference in our community. For more information - take a look.

I signed up for our group of 5 and we were assigned to paint the teachers lounge for an elementary school. We had a blast!!!!

A picture of our community service team

Bonding with people:

Bonding over service is one of the most unique experiences in terms of a team - together we painted a full room and it was only possible with a team effort.

It gave us the opportunity to talk and learn about each other while making a difference. I informed our team how great Fresh Prince was. I learned that one of my colleagues used to be a puppeteer. Who would have thought others at GE loved the Inheritance Cycle as much as I do?

It was an amazing experience.

Making someone’s day:

One of the school’s staff came in to see our work. She expressed her appreciation and happiness towards our willingness to volunteer. Yes it took time from our day. Yes it required manual labor. Yes it required some work that night. AND YES IT WAS WORTH IT! Community service day was during the week after the Milwaukee riots.

It was a time for us to help show the community that we care. It made us feel great knowing the time was well spent. It was surreal!!

After hearing from a personal experience, I hope you make time to make a difference in your community!! I promise you it will be well worth it!**

Best Wishes,

Kaleb McKelvey